Kista Cricket Academy

“Who can be a member”
Anyone who is Under the age of 19 can join our youth group.
The minimum age is 7 years. Exceptions can be made if a 5 years child boy can play like a 7 years old child.
Children under 7 years are also welcome but they will play with parents if no coach is available.

Kista Cricket Academy is lead by Muhammad Faizan Ul Haq who is an active member of Kista Cricket Club. In academy our main focus is to motivate and encourage the young boys and girls to play cricket. We organise regular trainings for boys, girls and give all of them equal chances to participate and learn cricket.

Today we have almost over 70+ members with different age group and gender. We have coaches/trainers (Ahsan Mehmood, Asim Bukhari, Farhan Anwar, Shahid Nawaz, Ghazzal Mehdi, Waheed Qureshi and Ikram Ul Haq) who help our youngsters to learn cricket and share their experience with them. We are specially thankful to their parents who regularly take them to practise and some of parents (Mr. Tariq and Mr. Nabeel) help our younger kids with cricket too.

If you would like to join our cricket academy you can contact Mr. Faizan Ul Haq (contact details is given below) or General Secretary of Kista Cricket Club.

Muhammad Faizan Ul Haq
+46 70 864 57 46



Kista Cricket Club successfully organised sportlov 2022. We have full day sports activities on 1st and 3rd March 2022. Kids with different age groups and gender came and joined different sport activities at Ärvingehallen. Kista Cricket Club members Farhan Mian, Ahsan Butt, Ghazzal Mehdi, Shahid Chaudhry and some of parents helped in organising different activities.

Indoor Tapeball Tournament

Our under-19 boys participated in indoor tapeball tournament at Kärsby sporthall organised by Botkyrka Cricket Club on 27th February. It was brilliant effort and determination shown by our youngsters. We will take much positives from that tournament and will come forward with more energy for next tournaments.