About Club

Kista Cricket Club came into being from a team playing casual tape ball cricket in Kista/ Husby area. The Club first played division 2 of Swedish Cricket Federation (SCF) in 2012 as a division in Kista Sports Club. This was the first ever time that SCF introduced a second division. From 2012 we come across a long way and today We have 2 teams of adults competing at different divisions in SCF. U-19 and U-15 will start their journey soon in SCF competition. We also run probably the first cricket academy of Stockholm with more than 70 kids where kids from Age 5 to 19 learn cricket.

Over years, club has grown in all areas and achieved many milestones. A KCC’s former captain represented national team. A KCC’s former captain served SCF as selector for national team. Club registered itself as separate organisation in 2019. With the growing members of club, second team was added to the SCF leagues in 2020. Now one team plays under Kista Sports club and other team plays under Kista Cricket Club. KCC also started Kista Cricket Academy for youngsters in 2020.

Kista Cricket Club believes in providing equal opportunities for everyone to participate in game and management of club. The club goes through annual elections regularly and gives every member an opportunity to lead the progress of club. KCC believes in integration and transparency. It strives to provide a healthy environment for everyone to get involved in healthy sports of cricket.

Chairman's Message

We believe the right to access and participate in cricket sport is universal. We want to see that everyone regardless of their gender, sex, age, race, ethnicity, religion, socioeconomic background or geography gets an equal opportunity. We are committed to promote and advance a culture in cricket sport that is based on 'solidarity over saviour' and guided by the principles of self-determination and self-reliance.
Farhan Anwar Mian